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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 9, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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morning on "world news now," hillary clinton admits making a mistake. >> i take responsibility. and i'm trying to be as transparent as i possibly can. >> she says she's sorry about the e-mail controversy while addressing her political rivals. in an abc news exclusive. terrifying scene. the jumbo jet at the las vegas airport erupt into flames. the rush to evacuate the airline passengers injured, and what went wrong. sister showdown. must see event at the u.s. open as serena and venus williams compete against each other once again as millions tune in, serena is taking a step towards tennis history. and later, the gourmet chef who says rahman noodles are not just for lunch or dinner anymore. let's try ramen for breakfast on this wednesday, september 9th.
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>> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." it looks good. >> you're talking about the noodles for breakfast. >> not bad. >> what a night last night. >> amazing night in flushing meadows queens. watching the ladies battle it out and we're so thankful it went to three sets between serena and venus. >> it was an incredible night. and feel like tennis you don't get to see it like that very often. it was a good game to watch. >> we'll get to that in a few moments. we're going to start it off with the e-mail controversy. hillary clinton apologizing for the first time for her use of a private server while she was secretary of state. >> it came during an exclusive interview with world news tonight's david muir. kenneth moton has the latest. >> good morning. hillary clinton admitted she made a mistake using her private e-mail server but insisted it was allowed. the embattled democratic
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front-runner says she believes she can survive the scandal in her race for the white house. nothing was off-limits. hillary clinton sat down with abc world news tonight anchor david muir on the scandal involving the use of a private e-mail server during her time as secretary of state. >> i'm sorry about that. i take responsibility. and i'm trying to be as transparent as i possibly can. >> reporter: on vice president joe biden possibly joining the 2016 race. >> would he make a good president? >> you know, i think he could be a good president. there's no doubt about that. >> reporter: and on donald trump. >> i'm always a little amused when people get into politics and they think that all you have to do is give speeches. >> reporter: a new poll shows shrinking support for clinton, 42%, down ten points since last month. joe biden and bernie sanders in a statistical tie. the numbers an appear to reflect
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public concerns over clinton using the private e-mail server. >> i did not send or receive any information that was marked classified at the time. >> reporter: with so many months to go till the democrats crown a nominee, clinton admitted she's asked herself why make a second run for the presidency but she remains is optimistic about the future of her campaign. >> i can survive it because i think i'm running to be president to do what the country needs done and i believe the american people will respond to that. >> reporter: later this morning, clinton will deliver that major speech here in washington on the iran nuclear deal. we are expecting to hear more about how she plans to enforce the agreement if elected president. kendis and reena. >> thank you so much. as clinton expreys support for the iran nuclear agreement, four more senate democrats announced they will back the deal to stop a republican resolution against the accord. a small protest was staged on capitol hill in opposition of the bill ahead of a bigger rally
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set for today. presidential candidates donald trump and senator ted cruz are expected to attend and former vice president dick cheney also weighing in. >> they have placed on table for congressional review a deal that provides weapons and funds to a regime that has pledged to destroy israel and maintains death to america as a central pillar of its policies. >> is the agreement between iran and the international community led by the united states the best pathway to peace and security for america, israel, our partners and interests? >> 42 democrats now support the international deal which ames to limit iran's nuclear program in exchange for hundreds of billions of dollar in relief from crippling sanctions. republican presidential candidate jeb bush making an appearance on the debut of stephen colbert's new show. he told him he doesn't believe president obama has bad motives adding he just thinks he's wrong on a lot of issues. bush also said he wanted to
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return some civility of governing. colbert pressed bush on how he differs from his brother, the former president. >> he probably didn't control the republican congress spending. he shut have brought the hammer down on the republicans because our brand is limited government. >> bush adding his brother did not veto enough spending bills. and he mentioned in florida, he was known as veto corleone, a reference to the character in the "godfather." we'll have much more from colbert's premiere in our next half hour. the county clerk from kentucky freed from jail will not be returning to her office pkiy cheering crowds yesterday as she walked free. davis had refused to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples because of her ljs beliefs. among the supporters republican presidential candidate you see right there, mike huckabee. >> i just want to give god the glory. his people have rallied and you are a strong people! >> the courage of her convictions was more important
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than simply even her own freedom. >> the judge did warn davis not to interfere with other people in her office issuing marriage licenses. she's expected to return to work monday or friday. now to that very close call for passengers on a london-bound jumbo jet taking off from las vegas. the left engine of a british airways 777 erupting in flames and the crew aborting the takeoff. the 159 passengers and 13 crew members evacuated using the emergency slides. more than a dozen suffered minor injuries during their escape. >> top of the chute and we had to jump down and you could see the flames and smoke and that's when the it hit me anyway that it was a pretty scary thing. >> some flights at western airports were delayed. the passengers who were not injured were placed on buts to go back to the terminal and to hotels for the evening. the minnesota dentist who killed a well-known lion in dim zimbabwe reopened his patriotic.
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protests are were there when dr. walter palmer made his return. so was abc's ryan smith. >> reporter: dr. walter palmer returns to work today. dr. palmer, what is it like to be back here today? with security, pushing past reporters and protesters. the embattled dentist, vilified around the world for killing zimbabwe's beloved cecil the lion this july. >> i think he should be sent back to zimbabwe and go to court. >> reporter: this man, braving protesters, he says, to sign up for an appointment. >> because i wanted to give him some support. and i also need some work done. >> reporter: palmer has been out of sight for nearly six weeks. receiving death threats. his home vandalized. but finally speaking out yesterday to reporters, saying -- "if i had known this lion had a name and was important to the country or a study, obviously i wouldn't have taken it." protesters here reminding him cecil's death won't be forgotten. protesters calling for palmer's extradition. but so far, that's unlikely.
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he's insisting the hunt was legal, and he has not been charged with any crime in zimbabwe. ryan smith, abc news, bloomington, minnesota. the u.s. markets open higher this morning after investors came back from the long weekend with a bang. the dow industrial average had a second best day of the year, up 390 points. other major indexes also up. investors aren't as worried about china's economy right now and this morning, asian markets are also rallying >> apple is hoping for a big day on the markets. it makes its big annual announcement today. it's an upgrade year for the iphone with improvements on the sixes and maybe the 5 c, as well. there's also expected to be news about apple tv and oo enormous upgrade to its box. and new ipad models might be announced, as well including the larger version. so it's christmas for all of us. >> compared to applegate. is that what you call it. >> apple geeks. >> compared to all that too
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long, there's something more simpler. call it right place right time. >> the place was water off the coast of washington state and it was the right time for a woman and her kayaking guide to be caught in the middle of a pod of orca whales. >> some of the animals were so close it appeared they cotouched them. the woman called the encounter her thrill of a lifetime. >> no doubt. she estimates about 30 of them were there. coming up "the mix," a lesson in american history infused with alcohol. perfect for this hour. >> yeah. we should do it. also had, making history last night at the u.s. open, the sister showdown for venus and serena williams. sibling rivalry at its best. >> and later from the insomniac kitchen, using your noodle at breakfast time. meet the gourmet chef who says ramen noodles are not just a staple at lunch and dinner looks good. find us on facebook and twitter @abcwnn.
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you're watching abc "world news now."
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new details about the two high school football players in texas who took down a referee during a game. they were claiming that the ref directed racial slurs at them before the incident. and one of their team's assistant coaches is now on paid administrative leave for suggesting retaliation against the ref for bad calls. police say it will take at least a week to complete their investigation. the court sketch artist made famous by her drawing of tom
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brady is taking legal action against those she says are stealing her work. the drawing of brady during deflategate court hearings is now features on all sorts of items including skirts and leggings. jania rosenburg's attorney is sending out cease and desist orders to users using the images. no one asked her permission for use of the work. >> she deserves her money for that. >> some credit for that. >> i was almost late for work because action at the u.s. open heating up. no match hotter than last night with the sister showdown. >> it was fun to watch. venus and serena played each other more than two dozen times even though the balance of power shifted lately. their most recent contest problems there's nothing like a sibling rivalry. here's byron pitts. >> game, set match. serena williams. >> reporter: a packed house, hard fought slugfest and a final serve to victory.
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serena williams beating out sister venus in the u.s. open quart quarterfinals. >> it's going against your best friend and at the same time, going against the greatest competitive for for me in women's tennis. so it was really difficult today. >> the number one ranked serena inching closer to the coveted calendar grand slam title dominating in the siblings 27th public match. their first head to head meeting at the the u.s. open, 13 million people looking on. back then venus was the favorite. easily winning that match. this year 33-year-old serena williams now the number one ranked player in the world. speaking to espn about the unique challenge of playing her sister. >> venus has done everything for me. there were times when if i didn't have lunch money for school, she would skip lunch and give me her money. it was like how could i take something away from someone eswho's protected me her whole life, who's done everything for
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me and who would starve for me. >> reporter: these super siblings growing up on the courts of compton, california, first faced off at the australian open in 1988. >> they leave the center court, all smiles. >> venus then 17, serena 16. their careers forever linked. fans around the world embraced them both. serena has won 21 grand slam titles, venus seven. together they won gold for team usa. with this win, serena is one step closer to becoming the first player male or female since '88 to clinch the calendar grand slam title taking all four major tournaments in one year. rivals, champions, always sisters. byron pitts, abc news, new york. do you know who probably had an even tougher time dealing with this are her parents in they didn't even show up. they didn't come to the event which is a great call.
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last thing you want is emotional, a camera in your face. you know we would have cut away to the parents nonstop to get their reaction to read anything into it. you forget about the lounge journey they had. in 2011, sinus was diagnosed with autoimmune disorder. that same year, serena had a pulmonary embolism. >> for venus to be able to make it back to this point at age 35 was a great moment for her and they really did put on a great show and serena saying she's my sister today, she'll be my sister next week and next year. >> are you crying? >> just got me a little. >> tearing up there. i'll get you a kleenex. >> coming up in our next half hour, we're going to take you back to the u.s. open because all the celebrities were there for the sister showdown. a whos an who right there in the stands. >> first ramen for breakfast or perhaps a late night snack. the secret to turning the cheap and tasty treat into a gourmet dish. that's next in insomniac
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so at this hour, the day or night making a gourmet dish isn't easy. >> but through the magic of ramen noodles your munchie fix will be elevated to a new level of taste. trinatren serves it up in this morning's "insomniac kitchen." >> reporter: >> hey, it's time for some ramen. we're here at gotham west market to check out ivan ramen's shop. ivan ramen's shop. we're making breakfast ramen today. what's the difference between regular and breakfast ramen? >> the time of day it's served. >> okay. >> i think that when we thought about what should breakfast ramen be, it should be even more comforting than it already is. ramen is incredibly comforting.
3:20 am
we take this smooth and creamy broth. we mix it with our thick whole wheat noodles and abjulienne it and fry it up so you can see the ham is crispy. we garnish the top of this noodle with the crispy ham and a scallion omelet. why don't we make it? >> let's do it. >> here's mied. >>s. let's take these noodles. i'm going to boil these noodles and get this thing together. >> how long do we cook the noodles for? >> 2:15. >> this is a bowl. >> this is the cheese sauce you're talking about. >> yes. >> this has cheddar cheese and fish soup. >> dashi. >> it sounds much sexier when you say dashi. >> okay. >> now we're going to take our ham. >> this is actually egg that y julienned. >> yep. >> a little fish powder.
3:21 am
>> oh, okay. >> sprinkle it over the top. it's going to drop some scallion on there. and then you're going to try it. >> and that's it? >> that's it. ♪ >> mm. so good. everything that i need right now is in this bowl. >> that's why ramen is so popular. >> thank you. >> so you got to try it. our thanks to the folks at slurp shop. the chefs over there. >> the last time i was here, we had catfish. i hate catfish. >> you like ramen. >> yeah, i feel like a toddler, 20-year-old or teenager eating it. >> apparently this has pork and something called a dried smoke fermented benito or skip jack tuna. >> it really makes a difference. that powder. what do you think? >> that's good.
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mix." we're going to start with alcohol. >> okay. >> because it makes everything better. you guys are familiar with the comedy central tv show about you know, that called "drunk history." gives us a history of america, liquored up history of america. it's very popular with there one couple, justin william and julian simp kins who were getting married. at their wedding they did their own version of drunk history showing their own personal history of their relationship. the clip. senator go get sushi. and apparently like she loves sushi. because she was like, ha, ha, ha ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. i love sushi. let's get sushi tonight.
3:26 am
that's exactly what i wrote. >> so it is pretty funny. during the 12-minute video that aired during their wedding, they actually got quite liquored up during the taping of it. >> really liquored up. >> it was their drunk history of their drunk history together. cute. >> that's better than when had he go through the photos of when you were a child to present day. this is far s'more entertaining. maybe it will take off. others will follow. >> speaking of love, us young folks can learn a lot from the elderly about love. including airport arrivals. look at this older man waiting for the love of his life with those flowers. this video on youtube. 340,000 hits since it was posted on the 7th. she arrives and gets the embrace and gets the flowers. >> i have a couple theories about that. that's not his wife. that's actually his mistress. >> no. come on.
3:27 am
kendis. >> truth be told, that's the alternate ending to titanic. >> she gets off a ship and gets reunited. >> leo did not die. oh. >> all right. so, you know, forget about teaching a cat how to fetch. check out this cat. the phone rings. whoever has a land line anymore, and the cat answers it. telemarketer? ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend? going to pick it up and let it hang out there. >> and that's it. >> some 2800 views since this was posted. >> very cute. >> on the 7th. >> very cute. you know, no fingers, no hands. no problem. >> yeah. >> if you want to play the piano. meet sapphire. ♪ >> mini gerschwin. >> who says horses can't play instruments. sapphire problems us wrong.
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this morning on "world news now," airline inferno. the jumbo jet erupting into flames as it was getting ready to leave las vegas injuries, the evacuations and the developments overnight. she's sorry. hillary clinton apologizes for the first time for the e-mail controversy. the tough questions and her surprising answers in an abc news exclusive. new this half hour, two babies joined at the hip. how surgeons used technology to separate conjoined twins. the hopeful prognosis for two little girls. later in "the skinny," superstar quarterback tom brady. forget about deflategate. he's in the headlines because of his love life. it's wednesday, september 9th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." we do say good morning to you. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm r


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